Cathy and greg in furano 2017

More stunning scenery

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Skiing under the fog.jpg

Layer of cloud above the main ski run on the Kitanomine mountain.

The last couple of days we have been treated to some amazing views from the mountain. There has been a layer of cloud hovering just above the ski runs and blue sky above this cloud. So we started our ski run in sunshine and blue sky, went through the cloud layer and emerged under the cloud to complete the run.
Later in the day, after dusk, I was lucky enough to capture a moonrise over Tokachidake. Breathtaking scenery we will always remember.
We went into the town of Furano this afternoon for a bit of shopping. We went for a stroll through the grounds of a Shinto temple. The footpath on the bridge across the river was very treacherous … covered in ice, but we made it home OK.
Only a couple of days to go. As usual the time has gone far too quickly but we will be back.
Japan, the land of great snow, great food, great people and great toilets.

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