Cathy and greg in furano 2017

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More stunning scenery

Skiing under the fog.jpg

Layer of cloud above the main ski run on the Kitanomine mountain.

The last couple of days we have been treated to some amazing views from the mountain. There has been a layer of cloud hovering just above the ski runs and blue sky above this cloud. So we started our ski run in sunshine and blue sky, went through the cloud layer and emerged under the cloud to complete the run.
Later in the day, after dusk, I was lucky enough to capture a moonrise over Tokachidake. Breathtaking scenery we will always remember.
We went into the town of Furano this afternoon for a bit of shopping. We went for a stroll through the grounds of a Shinto temple. The footpath on the bridge across the river was very treacherous … covered in ice, but we made it home OK.
Only a couple of days to go. As usual the time has gone far too quickly but we will be back.
Japan, the land of great snow, great food, great people and great toilets.


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Sunshine in Furano

Furano peak vista.jpg

View from the peak at Furano

All the fresh snow has been great but it was nice to get a bluebird day today. We skied all over both mountains (Furano and Kitanomine) and the scenery was stunning. For the first time since we arrived we had clear views of Tokachidake, the volcanic mountains close to Furano.
With the improved visibility I had a few adventures out from the Furano peak into some great off piste slopes. It was steep and deep and the poor old legs were screaming for mercy. Only one slight technique fail resulted in a face plant.
We have been hitting the close-by restaurants the last couple of nights and are loving this authentic Japanese cuisine. Off to the Furano Brewery restaurant tonight where they make their own beer …. mmmmmm. Perfect end to a perfect day.

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Break in the weather


Spectacular Furano scenery.

The last couple of days have been fairly similar. A mixture of clouds, sunshine, wind and snow flurries. The skiing continues to be amazing with cold temperatures keeping the snow in great shape and the local grooming team working their magic each night. The spa bath in our apartment has been getting a workout every afternoon to soothe our tired muscles. Beer, Burbon and Sake always adds to the relaxation.
Last night we went to a great restaurant called “Panier”. It was like having a meal in a local persons’ house. A little Japanese man was the maitre d, waiter, barman and cook.
Another storm is predicted tonight so looks like we have to suffer more powder tomorrow.

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Still snowing

Cathy on home trail.jpg

Cathy on the tree lined home trail

Furano 100 person ropeway.jpg

The 100 person Furano ropeway (cable car)

We had a brief respite from the snow yesterday. The temperature dropped to -21 so we could only stay outside for a few runs before retreating to a warm building. The cold temps kept the snow in pristine condition and this made the turns really easy.
Went into town last night to a Teppanyaki restaurant. We’ve been here a few times now and love it when the chef yells “showtime”, turns out the lights and ignites the ribs on the teppan hotplate.
The snow was back big time today. Our tracks were being filled in between runs. Even though it is the weekend, there are not many people out skiing.

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Big powder day

Greg in Furano powder.jpg

Plenty of deep powder around today

The photos tell the story of our day. Around half a metre of snow has fallen in the last 24hrs. There was a deep layer of fresh powder on top of all the groomed runs and some hip deep stuff on the edges and in the trees. It took a while for us to get used skiing in this but it was so much fun. The snow continued to bucket down all day and the temperature remained really cold (around -15). Snow clearing operations around the resort were in full swing all day, excess snow being trucked to a snow dump.

Cathy in Furano powder.jpg

Cathy playing in the powder

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Back in Furano

Furano night skiing.jpg

Hardy locals heading out for a night ski … temp is -15

All transport worked well and we have now spent our first day in Furano. Everything seems very familiar and we are really relaxed and comfortable here. We did our usual supermarket adventure last night and got lots of fresh food and cheap grog. I have finally figured out the Japanese food packaging … just buy stuff with “Premium” written on the package and you can’t go wrong. Marketing companies in OZ need to get onto that idea.

We had a great day on the mountain today. Hardly anyone here. The weather was mostly fine but very cold and the slopes were groomed immaculately as usual. Just perfect for getting our ski legs tuned up for the forecast powder dump. As I am typing this it has started snowing very heavily outside … big fat fluffy flakes.